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I love taking photos

I like traveling around beautiful places and taking pictures. I feel so relaxed and respectful to the nature when I stand on top of the mountain, watch the sunrise and sunset on the sea or face to stars in a silent night. I also like the night scene of the city where lights blink and you can see many things through your imagination.

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I like solving problems

When I was little, my mom and my teacher always gave me courage when I met difficult questions and praised me for my work. As I grow up, that become part of my life. I always choose more challenging courses in the university and I enjoy working with people and tackling problems.

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Projects I’ve done

The best way to apply knowledge we learn from classes is having projects. Here are some project I've done in the past. This website only lists projects finished in the grad school.

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Most Recent Place I've Visited

Here I'll post a video of one of the most beautiful places that I recently visited. Today's video is related to the famous Yosemite national park.